John the Baptist with Life scenes

John the Baptist with Life scenes
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+ The Nativity of St. John , the Forerunner, Prophet and Baptist of the Lord June 24/ July 7 Six months before his appearance in Nazareth to the Holy Virgin Mary, the Archangel Gabriel, appeared to Zacharias the high priest of the Temple in Jerusalem. Before announcing the miraculous conception of the unwedded virgin, the Archangel announced the miraculous conception by Elizabeth, the aged wife of Zacharias. Zacharias did not immediately believe this, and at once his tongue was bound and he remained speechless until eight days after the birth of the child. On that day the relatives of Zacharias and Elizabeth gathered for the child?s circumcision and naming. When they asked the father what name he wanted to give his son. Since he was mute he wrote on a tablet, ?John?. At that moment his tongue was loosed and he began to speak. Throughout all Israel the news of all this spread about the appearance of the angel to Zacharias as well as the dumbness and the loosening of his tongue at the naming of John. The news even resched Herod who sent soldiers to slay the children of Bethlehem, the homeland of Zacharias and Elizabeth. Herod ordered the soldiers to kill John also. Elizabeth learning of this fled with the child to a mountainous region. Herod was enraged when John was not found and he turned his rage upon Zacharias. Zacharias was serving in the Temple in Jerusalem, as it was his turn, when the soldiers found him and slew him between the court and the Temple. His blood coagulated on the paving stones and remains a witness against Herod. Elizabeth hid the child in a cave and she soon after died leaving her son in the care of God and His angels. John remained there under this divine care until God called him out to go to the Jordan and preach repentance.
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