Lazarus of the Four Days Dead

Lazarus of the Four Days Dead
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Lazarus of the Four Days Dead Lazarus Saturday during great Lent October 17 - March 17 Lazarus was the friend of Christ and the brother of Sts. Mary and Martha. He was raised from the dead after being buried in a tomb for four days. This testified that the dead would and can be raised from the dead, that Christ has the power to do this for all of us. After Pentecost he was assigned to go to Cyprus as their bishop. On October 17 we celebrate the translation of his relics from Cyprus to Constantinople where Emperor leo the Wise built the Church of St. Lazarus, in the year 890. After nearly a thousand years, in the town of Kition on Cyprus a marble tablet was unearthed with the inscription, ?Lazarus of the Four Days, the Friend of Christ?.
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