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Rebecca Celebrated on the Sunday of the Forefathers Rebecca was the daughter of Bethuel, who was the son of Nahor (the brother of Abraham) and his wife Milcah. Abraham was prophetically told of her birth shortly after the ?binding of Isaac? - that is, after Abraham?s intended sacrifice of Isaac. It was God?s plan that Isaac and Rebecca were to be married. Later on Abraham sent his servant, Put, (in some Jewish traditions, Eliezer) to the land of his birth (Mesopotamia) to find a woman for his son, Isaac. The servant would know the woman if she would offer him water and also would water his camels. To do this would be a really backbreaking task of great generosity. It was Rebecca that fulfilled that requirement, and thus the arrangement for her to marry Isaac was made. For the first few years of their marriage the couple was barren, but Isaac prayed to God for children, and soon after Rebecca became pregnant. She was extremely uncomfortable during her pregnancy, and God revealed to her that she was to have twins and that they were fighting in her womb and that they would continue to fight throughout their lives. Her first born was Esau and the second was Jacob.
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