Seraphim-Full Statura

Seraphim-Full Statura
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St. Seraphim of Sarov January 2/ 15 - July 19/Aug. 1 St. Seraphim, perhaps one of the most popular saints of our day. Born in the town of Kursk in Russia in 1759, he was under the protection of the Mother of God from his earliest years. At 19 he entered the Sarov monastery and amazed many with his obedience, extreme asceticism and humility. In 1780 while very ill the Holy Virgin and the Apostles Peter and John appeared and healed him. He was tonsured a monk in 1786 and ordained a deacon the following year. In his unquenchable love for God he added labor to labor. Once during Divine Liturgy he had a vision of the Lord Jesus with the heavenly hosts. After this he gave himself over to even greater labors. In 1794 took up the solitary life in a cell in the Sarov forest. This extreme asceticism lasted 15 years. During this time he was assailed by the enemy with great despondently. He passed 1000 nights on a rock until God gave him mastery over the enemy. At one time he was beaten by robbers who left him near dead, Again the mother of God with the Apostles Peter and John visited him where she pointed to him and said, ?This is one of my kind?. In 1810 he returned to the monastery and lived as a recluse until 1825. He gave up his reclusion after the holy Virgin told him that it was pleasing to God that he do so.
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