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Stamatios John and Nicholas Neomartyrs of Spetsai February 3/16 At the out break of the Greek War of Independence in 1821, the island of Spetsai was the home of men who knew and loved the sea, their country and their God and who were more that willing to fight for their homeland, their religion and independence. From this island came three heroes that epitomizes Greek bravery of those who loved the Lord Jesus Christ more that their own lives. Their names were Stamatios and John Ginis, brothers, and their uncle Nicholas. The brothers were sons of Theodore and Aneste Ginis who owned a sizable shipping firm. In the second year of the revolution, the island of Chios had been isolated and subjected to a reign of terror by the Turks, who had formed a ring of barriers around the island to repel any of the revolutionaries. The Greeks of Chios had fled to the hills and were on the verge of starvation. Stamatios, John and Nicholas devised a plan to bring relief to the people of Chios with a shipload of provisions. Undercover of night they brought their craft as close as they could and began hauling their cargo in smaller boats to shore with the help of underground people on the island. They were unaware that they were being betrayed to the Turks. About the time that they finished unloading, the Turks swooped down upon them and a battle ensued. When it was over many were killed and others were captured. The Turks now asserted their ruthless authority and flaunted Islam over Christianity. The two brothers were thrown into prison and Nicholas was taken to be questioned. Unable to break his will he was taken to the town square and executed. The Turks then turned their attention to the two brothers. Their aim was to convert them as they were highly esteemed. It would be great to show the local people that these two brothers of renown became Moslems. The brothers suffered long and harsh imprisonment, torture and every manner of depraved indignities that could be heaped on a human being. Stamatios and John never wavered and held fast to their beloved Orthodoxy and at last, the Turks ran out of patience, murdered the two. We celebrate their martyric deaths on February 3/16.
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