Theotokos, Enlightener of Minds

Theotokos, Enlightener of Minds
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This is a very unusual icon and it comes from Russian town of Rybinsk, in the Yaroslavl province. The Holy Virgin and the Christ Child are enfolded in what looks like a priest’s phelonion and are surrounded by angels. This depiction reflects the deep faith of Orthodox Christians in the power of the Virgin to intercede before God and Her Son for the blessing of temporal and spiritual goods. Greatest among these is the enlightenment of the mind and heart through Divine Truth. Because of this, parents whose children are slow learners, in respect either in matters of Faith or secular knowledge, often turn to prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos and her divine Child, as the fount of the loftiest wisdom and knowledge, asking that their children’s minds be strengthened and that they are able to absorb what they are taught.
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