Theotokos, Pantanassa

Theotokos, Pantanassa
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This wonder-working icon dates back to the seventeenth century to the Monastery of Vatopedi on Mt. Athos. A young man came to the icon to venerate it, when the face of the icon became radiant and a force came from it and threw the young man to the ground. Frightened, he ran to the elders with tears in his eyes and confessed that he was involved with the occult. From this he repented and he began to lead a pious life. The icon was taken to Russia where more wonder workings happened. There is a more recent history of the icon in Russia. Not only were healings manifested by even copies of this icon, but especially upon children who were hopelessly ill in the Moscow Center for Pediatric Oncology. In other cases where young people ran away from home and became involved with drugs and were seduced by the occult and rock music, parents came to the Queen of All for help. She was faithful to those who came to her and many young people were saved from this life style. On the Holy Mountain it was known that the Elder Joseph brought the wonder-working icon to the Vatopedi Monastery. This icon brought healings for those with cancer, brain tumors, asthma, and other ailments also drought and famine. These mercies from Christ our God also places great responsibility upon us. As we are drawn closer to Him through the intercession of the Holy Pantanassa we are expected to become more pious and to strengthen our faith in Him. Many copies of this icon were disseminated both in Russia and Greece and even these copies were wonder-working.
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