Theotokos, Swee-tkissing

Theotokos, Swee-tkissing
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Sweet Kissing (Glykophilusa) Commemorated Monday of Bright Week There is a historicial similarity between this icon and the Iveron icon. They both were saved by a pious woman and both had traveled by sea to the Holy Mount of Athos. Finally, their feast days both fall during Bright Week. (See #18) During the reign of the icon-hater Theophilus (829-842), there was a man named Simeon who also hated the holy icons. Victoria, Simeon?s wife, had great veneration for them. She had this one as a special icon that she loved and prayed before. Simeon insisted that she give it up to be burned. But she did not want this to happen. She took it to the sea and entrusted it to the Mother of God. It was some years later that the abbot and brethren of the Philotheou monastery on Mt. Athos retrieve it from the sea shore near there. With reverence they took it to the main church and placed it there. Later in, 1830, a pilgrim came to the monastery and was told of how the icon came to be there. Although he listened with great interest, he doubted the veracity of the story. He thought it was a tale that only a child would believe and that the Mother of God could not do such things. Even when the monks stressed the truth of the icon?s story, he would not accept it as true. Later that same day the man was walking on his balcony, and he lost his step and fell. As he fell he cried out to the Mother of God to help him. She responded to his plea, and he miraculously landed unhurt. The Mother of God, herself, saw that his doubts were an indication of a spiritual illness and came to his rescue to bring him back into the fold of the Chief Shepherd, her son and God, the Lord Jesus. This icon is of the Eleusa type. In Russian the ?Umilenie? type, otherwise known as ?Tenderness.?
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