Theotokos, Valaam

Theotokos, Valaam
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This icon dates back to 1878 and was written by an artias monk named Fr.Alipi in Valaam. The icon resides now in the lower church in the monastery on Valaam. For some time there was no suitable place for theicon but by divine providence a peasant woman had a visitation from the Valaam Mother of God and it moved her to go to Valaam. Here is her story; Her name is Natalia Andreyevna Andreyeva and was sisty four years old from St. Petersburg in an old peoples home. In 1878 or 1879 she caught a severe cold which developed into rheumatism in her arms and legs.. She went to the Mariski Hospital for massage but no help. Then to the Grand Duchess Clinic and still no help. Meanwhile her condition worsened. As a lasy resort she turned to the Mother of God. She could walk only with a stick and soon she could not even hold the stick. By 1887 her former mistress heard of her situation and took her to her home. With this kindness she was assured of food and shelter, otherwise she would be reduced to begging. She had the feeling to go to Valaam and pray to the founders Sts. Sergius and Herman. The night before she was to leave she was awakened by a tall woman surrounded by an amazing light. She thought it was the Mother of God but was afraid to say so. The vision said, “Don’t weep the Savior is coming, and so am I coming to you!” Natalia answered, “Mother dear, how beautiful and good you are! Is it true that you live at Valaam?” “Yes, I live there. You will see me at Valaam!” Then the vision disappeared. At Valaam she attended the Liturgy and the Valaam icon of the Mother of God was brought out by the author of the icon, Fr Alipi. She recognized it as the same as the vision she had. It seems that the icon was lost for a long time and was discovered just before Natalia came there. Water was blessed and she was given some in a bottle. As she drank some she felt her strength surge through her whole body. Two things happened; first Natalia was cured and the missing icon was found. Glory to God!
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